Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode When Updating to iOS 9

Recovery Mode maybe what your iPhone goes into when you are doing a standard iOS 9 upgrade:

Hi Everyone, I have just tried to install iOS 9 on my iPhone 5s over wifi and it asked me to connect the phone to itunes to restore the phone to factory settings to perform the update. Is there any way that i can boot out of this recovery loop? iTunes doesn't seem to offer to backup my phone and just wants to restore to factory settings and i have no backup unfortunately. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Whether iOS upgrade, downgrade or jailbreak, even some normal operations may making your iPhone or iPad stuck in recovery mode, or white Apple logo screen. The most common way of getting iPhone out of the recovery mode is using the iTunes which has a sever drawback, if you haven't backup your iPhone with the iTunes, you will lose all the content and settings on iPhone. 

To easily fix your iPhone out of recovery mode without restoring, you need the more reliable repair tool iPhone Data Recovery to one-click out of recovery mode, what's more, the program provides three ways to restore deleted/lost data from iPhone after updating to iOS 9. (Or read other options)

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Solution 1: Exit Recovery Manually

You can typically exit recovery by doing the following:

1. Hold down the Home and Power button for about 15 seconds, this shuts off the iPhone
2. Press the Power button to boot the iPhone

Solution 2: Exit Recovery Mode Using iTunes:

Before you continue, keep in mind that using this method will erase all the data on your iPhone. If the Tiny Umbrella doesn’t work for you, you can use this method. However, later on you can use a recovery software to recover data from the iPhone. Connect iPhone with the iTunes and Click on “Restore” button in the summery tab to restore your iPhone to the latest iOS 9 firmware.

Solution 3. Exit iPhone Recovery without Restoring iPhone

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone

After installation, launch the recovery program on your computer, then according to the tips, connect your iPhone to computer.

Step 2: Get your iPhone out of recovery mode

When your iPhone is detected, the program will tells you that your device is not in normal mode, now you just need to click on the 'Restart the device' button to get your iPhone back to normal. That's all.

If done, your iPhone will back to normal, you can complete check your iPhone, if your find data loss on your iPhone, please don't worry first, continue to use the iPhone Data Recovery to get back your data. iPhone Data Recovery enables you to directly restore data from iPhone, or extracting to recover from iTunes/iCloud backup file.

For Mac user, only need to repeat the above steps.

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